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You have to reach for the stars to become one!

Cedric has been involved in the game of basketball for over 15 years and in the world of athletic training since 2007. Cedric Carter is a health science’s graduate of Durham College and a CPTN certified personal trainer, he is also an NCCP certified coach. In 2009 Cedric Carter founded Galaxy Training for Athletes (GTA). Since, we've become one of the top athletic development programs in the country. We try to develop your mind as well as your body.

Cedric has coached and trained for various organizations, collecting multiple tournament championships as well as Provinicial championships. Cedric was the first ever trainer for the Oshawa Power professional men's basketball team in the NBL of Canada. Not only is his love and passion to make people better unmatched, but his knowledge of the game allows him to spot deficiencies and correct them. Cedric through Galaxy Training for Athletes is devoted to building better bodies and better athletes.

Galaxy Training Athletes:

Cedric has worked with athletes such as: Jevohn Sheppard (Team Canada), Jermaine Anderson (Team Canada), Cory Joseph (San Antonio Spurs), Devoe Joseph (University of Oregon), Negus Webster-Chan (University of Missouri) and the list goes on.

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