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At Galaxy Training, we offer a wide range of services that cater to the needs of athletes on all levels. We bring over 15 years of experience in the areas of basketball, strength conditioning and endurance training. And most importantly, we strive to develop your mind and your body.

We push you beyond your boundries and make all of your goals more attainable.

cedric carter ceo & head trainer

Cedric Carter has been a fitness professional since 2008. He has worked with different athletes on every level of fitness. Cedric is a Health Sciences graduate of Durham College, a CPTN certified personal trainer, certified kickboxing instructor, lifestyle coach and he is also an NCCP certified coach. He believes that everyone is an athlete, and he has the drive to bring that inner athlete out of you.

Cedric has worked with basketball players on all levels. These players include Cory Joseph (NBA), Tyler Ennis (NBA), Jason Calliste (NBA D-League), Morgan Lewis (Pro), Juevol Myles (Pro), Jevohn Shepherd (Pro), Ryan Wright (Pro), MiKyle McIntosh (NCAA), Jayln Pennie (NCAA), Dylan Ennis (NCAA) and O'shae Brissett (NCAA).

Cedric is currently the Nike+ Basketball coach in Canada. He has coached for numerous organizations and has collected tournament and Provincial championships. Not only is his love and passion to make people better unmatched, but his knowledge of the human anatomy allows him to spot deficiencies and correct them.

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